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Employment.     I can assist you with various ways to incentivize your employees, including stock options, stock appreciation rights, employment agreements. and other programs. I also protect the business and its intellectual property with work for hire agreements, non-compete, non-disclosure and non-solicit agreements.

Licenses.      Businesses often have the need to license equipment, software, patents and other intellectual property. While many of those agreements are generally known to be non-negotiable in general, itís important for you to know what youíre getting yourself and your business into, as well as knowing how to make changes to those generally non-negotiable contracts. We draft and assist in explaining and negotiating vendor licenses as well as software licenses for our software clients.

Certain  businesses  develop intellectual property. I will draft and assist you in negotiating licenses, including software licenses and all other types of intellectual property.

My experience includes negotiating a multimillion dollar "clearing and compliance" software license for a national broker-dealer as well as licenses between my clients and giant companies, such as Microsoft and Invidia.

Financing. Businesses must have credit. I assist my clients with obtaining equity or debt financing from various sources, including bank debt (including SBA loans), private individual financing, Regulation D private securities offerings, bank debt, bond issuance, letters of credit and factoring.


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